vnc server in windows 7 home basic to be accessed by vncviewer

Vnc is the remote control based at GUI that available in linux and windows. It works well with vino in ubuntu and work just fine in slackware. You can download them in Now I am talkin about the vnc server in windows to be accessed by linux. First of all you have to install vncserver  in the windows.

Download the file, install them. It will place the installation directory in C:Program FilesRealVNCWinVNC

Choose your appropriate option setting by right clicking the vnc icon in your tray

vnc icon

, choose options. And we can change the port, the password or anything you like.

To access it from ubuntu, go to Application – internet – Remote Desktop Viewer. Enter the ip of your windows, enter the password and you will have the access.

To access it from slackware, i m using vncviewer that can be executed stand alone. So I go to konsole, type vncviewer and that’s it.

Quite easy.

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