F1 Checksum error

This error will happen rarely. Sometime in three years since the computer was on at a first time. But sometime until five years the error has not coming up. What kind of error is this?
This error first appeared when the power button is turned on. Indicates that the battery contained in the cpu has been exhausted. This will make our computer displays the date when the first computer system is manufactured.
We need to replace it. Actually it is not difficult. But we need to open our cpu to locate the battery. Open and find the battery that looks something like this
cmos battery The brand may vary depending on the type of motherboard. The common brand is maxell. The type is 2032 battery. The type is a must. You can’t replace it with another type of battery.
Okay so located inside the cpu. cmos battery Once again the location may vary. Then open it with screwdriver and replace it with a new one. cmos batteryIn some type of motherboard like elitegroup like mine, i don’t need to use screwdriver to open it. Just with our hand. It is very easy.

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