Canon ip 1600 in ubuntu 9.10 Karmic

ip1600 I still have canon pixma ip 1600 in my office. It is an old model actually. Now I need to install it into our Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic.

First we need some driver to be installed. Download it here.

Extract it and install it one by one. It is better to use konsole mode installation.

Go to terminal then type this

#sudo dpkg -i –force-overwrite 1 cnijfilter-common_2.60-2_i386.deb
#sudo dpkg -i –force-overwrite 2 cnijfilter-ip2200_2.60-2_i386.deb
#sudo dpkg -i –force-overwrite 3 libcnbj-2.6_0-1_i386.deb
#sudo dpkg -i –force-overwrite 4 bjfilter-2.6_1-1_i386.deb
#sudo dpkg -i –force-overwrite 5 pstocanonbj_3.3-1_i386.deb

After that, connect the printer, open your web browser and type this in the address field.

The address will open the cups configration. Go to administration, Add printer.

Use the 2200 driver for this 1600. It should work.

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