firefox 4 and flash plugin

firefoxSince firefox 4 has been released, I was tempted to try it on. So I download it from and put it in /usr/lib/. If you have not try to upgrade firefox this is what i do.
1. Extract the firefox-installation.tar.gz to your home directory with this command. (do all these command in root priviledge)
#tar xvfz firefox-installation.tar.gz
It will extract to firefox folder.
2. copy the firefox folder to /usr/lib/ but copy it by a new name.
#cp -r firefox/ /usr/lib/firefox-4/
This is useful if you don’t want to erase an earlier version of firefox.
3. Delete the link to old firefox in /usr/lib and /usr/bin/
#rm /usr/lib/firefox
#rm /usr/bin/firefox
4. Create a new link to the new firefox-4
#ln -s /usr/lib/firefox-4 /usr/lib/firefox
#ln -s /usr/lib/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

Pay attention that the commands number 4 should executed in order. So next time you upgrade firefox you don’t have to erase the link in /usr/bin/ anymore. Got it? Okay hehe.

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