k3b burn dat to vcd

http://k3b.plainblack.com/K3b is a software to burn file into the cd. It is a kde based desktop. We will find the similar program like brasero in gnome based desktop. The original K3b installed on my slackware 13.1 seems not complete yet. I found it out when I tried to create a vcd from dat file.
There are several steps I should do. After googling a while, the dat file can not be wrote into vcd by k3b. K3b needs the mpg layer 1 or 2 (mpg file) to create the vcd. It is not difficult to convert it into mpg file. We just need ffmpeg. I wrote a different post for the conversion.
After that k3b should be capable to do what I want. But no. There is something missing. The vcdxbuild is missing.
After googling a while, thanks to google, vcdxbuild can be obtained from installing vcdimager.
Here you can find the software.
It is already in txz file. So download it and install it in root privileged by
#installpkg vcdimager-xxx-xxx.txz
Now try to burn the vcd again, and my k3b is working just fine.

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