Epson T13 in Slackware 13.1

I still have the same Epson T13 in my office. But I upgrade the slackware to 13.1. How ever when I used cups 1.4.3 to install this epson, it didn’t work. Then I downgraded the cups to 1.3.11 which is belong to 13.0. I have the file here.
This is how I compile cups in terminal
Extract the zip
Change location to the directory
#cd cups.1.3.11
Compile them first
Build the package
Install the cups as root
#make install
Now restart the cups or the computer to make the new cups running. Remember I do this way to overwrite the earlier cups. I don’t know how i can build a tgz/txz package for the cups. It failed. So I overwrite it.

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