import blogger posts into our web site with wordpress

This post is made because I want to move my posts into my own web site with wordpress. There is suppose to be an easy way to do that. Like converting the database into the wordpress stucture. And I found one here. – convert xml into wxr
It is said that we need to convert the xml from into wxr wordpress import format.
The xml is downloadable in setting menu inside our account.

Then change the xml in our computer into wxr by the online converter in

Save it to our computer again.
And now go to our wordpress dashboard again, choose import menu from the tool left bar.
Choose wordpress. Upload your file.

The good things is that was the first way and still another way to do it in simple way.
Install this plugin Here.. It is a blogger importer.
Run Import from tool menu.
In another tab open your blogger account, let it open.
Choose blogger from our wordpress dashboard.
And set authorize when your blogger account appears.

Choose import for entire database.
That’s it. Now I have my database in my own web site with wordpress.

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