joe editor

I though joe is somebody name but this is linux editor. Slackware has it.
As easy as nano and mcedit. Here are the list of joe’s command
source is here and here

Help Screen turn off with ^KH more help with ESC . (^[.)

^B left ^F right ^U prev. screen ^KB begin ^D char. ^KJ reformat ^KX save
^P up ^N down ^V next screen ^KK end ^Y line ^T options ^C abort
^Z previous word ^A beg. of line ^KM move ^W >word ^R refresh ^KZ shell
^X next word ^E end of line ^KC copy ^O wordline SPELL ^KE edit
^KF find text ^KV end of file ^KY delete ^_ undo ^[N word ^KR insert
^L find next ^KL to line No. ^K/ filter ^^ redo ^[L file ^KD save

IW tonguetwister Row 1 Col 1 9:48 Ctrl-K H for help

New File

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