Remaster Slackware 13.1

Today I am gonna learn to remaster slackware. Slackware is my favorite distro, it is simple but you will be surprise what slackware can do.
I am using slackware 13.1 as my based distro. This is slackware that I use everyday/

Here are the steps
1. Copy the slackware installer.
Mount your dvd or your iso into a folder in your os.

root@user$mount -o loop slackware-13.1-dvd.iso /home/user/dvdrom

Create another folder for remastering

root@user$mkdir remaster

Now copy these files:

root@user$cp /home/user/dvdrom/* /home/user/remaster
root@user$cp -r /home/user/dvdrom/kernels /home/user/remaster
root@user$cp -r /home/user/dvdrom/isolinux /home/user/remaster
root@user$cp -r /home/user/dvdrom/slackware /home/user/remaster

2. Modify setpkg
Setpkg is to determine which package to install.
If we take a look into setpkg, it contains:

“A” “Base Linux system” on “The A (base) series contains the kernel and main system utilities.”
“AP” “Various Applications that do not need X” on “The AP series is a collection of useful applications.”
“D” “Program Development (C, C++, Lisp, Perl, etc.)” on “The D series contains compilers, debuggers, and other programming tools.”
“E” “GNU Emacs” on “The E series contains the GNU Emacs advanced real-time display editor.”
and else until Y

We need to modify setpkg if we need to add another application into our new slackware distro.
Let’s install inkscape package into it. Create folder INK (for example only) in /home/user/remaster/slackware/
copy your inkscape.txz and other repo files into INK and also these files

install.end install-packages maketag maketag.ez tagfile

Those files is a must. Just copy them from the other package directory, let’s say a folder

root@user$cp /home/user/remaster/slackware/a/install.end /home/user/remaster/slackware/INK/

do the same for the rest.
Now add the line in the setpkg under Y

“INK” “Inkscape” on “Graphical Inkscape”

(this is example only)

3. Modify message.txt
Message.txt is a file contains the message where we can see it on the first time of the installation process.

root@user$nano /home/user/remaster/isolinux/message.txt

4. Modify tagfile and maketag
Tagfile is a file that explain the software we will install is REQUIRED or just ON

root@user$nano /home/user/remaster/slackware/INK/tagfile

Example :

root@user$nano /home/user/remaster/slackware/INK/maketag

Copy maketag to maketag.ez. Here is the example of my maketag and filetag

5. Create txt file for each of the package you add
For example I have inkscape-0.48.0-i486-2_SBo.tgz so I need inkscape-0.48.0-i486-2_SBo.txt file. This txt is an information about the file package.

Example of the txt

inkscape: zoo (archiving and compressing utility)
inkscape: Zoo is used to create and maintain collections of files in compressed
inkscape: form. It uses a Lempel-Ziv compression algorithm that gives space
inkscape: savings in the range of 20% to 80% depending on the type of file data.
inkscape: Zoo can store and selectively extract multiple generations of the same
inkscape: file. Data can be recovered from damaged archives by skipping the
inkscape: damaged portion and locating undamaged data with the help of fiz(1).
inkscape: Zoo was written by Rahul Dhesi.

Remember only to use the same format from the previous example, with 11 lines. Copy one from a package if you don’t to retype it.

6. Create the iso

root@user:/home/user/remaster$mkisofs -o /home/user/slackware_sugi.iso -R -J -V “sugislackware Installation” -hide-rr-moved -v -d -N -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 32 -boot-info-table -sort isolinux/iso.sort -b isolinux/isolinux.bin -c isolinux/isolinux.boot -A “sugislackware Installation CD” .

Now we have slackware_sugi.iso in /home/user/ and we can burn it into DVD

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