mysql couldn’t start in xampp

I found another error when starting lampp.
The apache, proftpd are running smoothly, I can see it on the screen. But the Mysql didn’t run. It said it can not started. So I tried to see in the memory is it mysql service running? It shocked me but yes there is another sql running. It comes from mysql in /var/run/mysql not from /opt/lampp.
Then I uninstall the mysql and try to run /opt/lampp again. My hope is the sql that running in the memory is the sql from lampp. But another problem showed up. The sql from lampp couldn’t start also because lack of something in the system.
Piuh.. I had to reinstall the sql again from slackbuild.
Then I try to find what’s wrong in the lampp. After browsing somewhere (sorry I forgot and didn’t write the source) with another problem actually, they change the permission of my.cnf file to 644.

root@user:/#chmod -R 644 /opt/lampp/etc/my.cnf

Then start the lamp again.
You know what, it works. Lampp is running. I check the memory with ps x and yes the sql is from lampp.

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