installing easyhotspot ubuntu in virtualbox

Well i am interesting to install easyhotspot in my office. Yes, i have imagined it since years ago at the first time i handled the network. I want to manage all the computer in the office using username and password just like I found in the cafetaria or mall in bandung. They offered free hotspot. That’s what I need in my office. I hope the system could go commercial, so students can pay extra to use the facility.

Alright first I need to do exactly the same with the tutorial i found above so i can understand how it works. I used ubuntu 9.04 as my platform and using virtualbox 3.2.6. The easyhotpot I have is the one wit h ubuntu 9.04 iso. Actually it came with a live cd but I use installation into the hard disk instead.

I m using virtualbox because i have one network card in my pc and i want to know how it works first efore installing it into the stand alone cpu.

The installation is quite easy, just need to create another network card as a bridge in virtualbox. Virtualbox called it eth0. And another one as NAT. Then boot from easyhotspot iso and install them. Everything will run as it should be.

AFter it finished, we need to configure the network address. Go to System – Administration – Network. Choose eth1 and configure as static ip, fill with the same ip from the cpu we use. Let’s say the cpu with ubuntu use then fill it with that ip.

Restart the ubuntu. Now the easyhotspot should work. We can see the easyhotspot by typing a command ipconfig to find out the easyhotspot ip. You will find ip like 192.168.182.x then we go to the right direction.

Try to browse with the browser to any address, but you will be redirected to white login page. That’s it easyhotspot is running.

To configure the user and the password and everything, go to the browser and type http://localhost/easyhotspot use user admin with password admin123. Add user login as you wish and change the setting as you like. And don’t forget to do it all inside the ubuntu in virtualbox. Not in ubuntu host of virtualbox.

I found another problem running easyhotspot here, I will write it another time.

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