mlabel – make msdos volume label

Mlabel is a program to rename a flash disk or removable disk into readable one. Like “My Flash”.
We do that easily in windows but I have not ye find it in linux.

Here are two ways I discovered in google using mlabel in linux terminal. (do all in root – use sudo in ubuntu or debian).

Once the flash disk in the usb port, it will automatically mount to something like /media/usb or /media/theoldname, umount it

#umount /media/theoldname

Check the flash /dev name :

#fdisk -l

Usually the result is /dev/sdb1 or /dev/sdc1, then rename it.

#mlabel -i /dev/sdb1 ::thenewname


edit and find out  /etc/mtools.conf to the label z: /dev/sdb1 (this refer to the plug in flash) then

For displaying the current label $mlabel -s c:

To change the label $mlabel c:”newlabel”

That’s it

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