Disable deep freeze 7 without password

OK I read many articles about disabling deep freeze ( series 7 on mine) and uninstall it without knowing the unlock password.

Here are the steps :
1. Make the system date (computer date) 10 years before or ahead.
2. boot the pc / notebook, but press F8 immediately for entering safe mode
3. In the safe mode function, we can kill the deep freeze proccess.  Enter to task manager by pressing, ctrl+alt+del then choose task manager. Click on Processes tab. Find these process : DFServ and FrzState2K.exe. End those process.
4. Erase all folder in C:\Program Files\Faronics
5. Open Registry Editor, by typing regedit in start menu. Delete all folder Faronics in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\
6.Restart the computer

Don’t forget to change the date to today”s date. You should have the computer without the deepfreeze now.

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