My First Impression To Pinegrow

I was looking for the editor program beside sublime (which is text editor program to write program), that can what you see is what you get type of program. Then I tried a few of them. From google web designer, then to pingendo, layoutit which is online editor program, then finally to pinegrow. Each of them have a unique function but they all have a similarity. They can get you see what do you want to get as a front page layout.

Cause I am talking about the php/html programming here. Of course the view of the program is preety much important. I want to have a boom feeling when I look the program at the first time. The programmer will call it front end programming. It needs mostly the sense of art other than writing program lang skill.

I love pingendo cause the program will drag you to the drag and drop component to your page. But the online type running program is not my choice right now. At home I have an old notebook with no internet connected all the time.

Then my choice goes to pinegrow. Which is similar to its drag and drop and no need internet connected. But to have a full function of it you have to buy the pro version. The trial version only last for 7 days.

The pinegrow provides me with drag and drop component and also with code typing method anytime I want. The template are also preety much help.

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