Spin Off External Harddisk

This is begin with I try to eject the external hdd from my laptop. Then, I found out that the ext hdd still spinning. Usually I left it that way. I unplug the cable and I heard the ‘tring’ sound. I know that is not good. The hdd could be damage.

So tonight I wonder if there is a command to eject the hdd but also to spin off the hdd. And I found one. I forget the link sorry. Some wiki linux thing.

Here is the command :

#sudo udisksctl power-off -b /dev/sdx

I heard the hdd stop spinning. Then I unplugged it. It is safe.

4 responses to “Spin Off External Harddisk”

  1. Apakah harddisk eksternal memiliki jenis dan tipe?

    1. setau saya sama dengan harddisk internal. jaman now, hdd external itu kan sebenarnya jenis hdd laptop. jenisnya sekarang ada yg sata ada yang ssd.
      gitu kali ya kira2

    1. Thanks. semoga bermanfaat

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