Server Motherboard S3430

Server Motherboard S3430

I just cleaned up my server. Then my curiosity is coming. I want to upgrade the memory.

Here is my server motherboard spec :

Handle 0x0003, DMI type 2, 16 bytes
Base Board Information
Manufacturer: Intel Corporation
Product Name: S3420GP
Version: E51976-405
Serial Number: AZGP04101455
Asset Tag: ………………..
Board is a hosting board
Board is replaceable
Location In Chassis: Not Specified
Chassis Handle: 0x0004
Type: Motherboard
Contained Object Handles: 0

I want to upgrade the memory from 8gb to 16gb. I plug the extra 8gb into one of the empty slot. But it is not work. I wonder way.

Then I take a look the memory frequency. The information in said the memory bandwidth is 1333 GB/s.

I also look for information memory I bought which is samsung M393B1K70DH0-CK0 8gb. Nothing I can compare.

Then I found this

And I found the memory samsung that fit the motheboard. The conclusion is I bought the wrong memory. It is too high.

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