Scrcpy Mirror Handphone to Linux OS by SNAP

Scrcpy Mirror Handphone to Linux OS by SNAP

Scrcpy is a free program, no commercial that can mirror your handphone screen and controll it by the computer. Yes, it is free and I found no commercial popping up while using it.

My OS is Linux ubuntu 14, not really ubuntu but ubuntu based. I already have snap installed. So I won’t write the snap installation here. But straight to scrcpy install by snap.

Here is the command I use in console/ terminal

#sudo snap install scrcpy

Wait until it is done.

To use it, plug the usb cable, no wifi yet I try, to the handphone. Open the developer mode, activate Usb Debugging, then in the terminal, type ….

#sudo scrcpy

Done. I can use it to play game in my handphone through this method.

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