Tunneling ByPassing The Port Forwarding

Tunneling ByPassing The Port Forwarding

I always failed when trying to configure out the setting for creating vpn server in my internal network to my home network. Vpn is the common technique that I can use at this working from home situation. But all involved setting in the Indi**** modem that curiously failed on the way.

I almost gave up on this situation. But still wondering if I can find a software that can forward the ip and port in my internal network without changing any setting in my modem. Which is blocked I figure.

Then I found from the forum that I forgot what is it, I was too excited tho, there are two host with their program that provide the forwarding system.

One of them is ngrok. Funny name. I don’t know it this save or not. From the two pages of google searching results, I only read how useful this ngrok for testing local web or forwarding the office work to their home.

So here we go, I will give a shot anyway. It is pretty easy tho. Sign up to ngrok.com so you will have a token auth your self. Then download the program. Which is available for linux or windows.

Generate the yml configuration file, which is also easy, because the ngrok dashboard show how to do it. Then run it. Which is also show at the dashboard. The software then creating the tunneling and produce the address like http://blabla.ngrok.io.

Very useful hah? Thanks to the ngrok programmer out there.

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