Ubuntu 20.04-LTS Installation

Ubuntu 20.04-LTS Installation

Finally I upgrade my laptop celeron HP product with ubuntu 20.04-LTS. Well it was because my python accident last nite xixixixi.

So I put the ubuntu to usb drive so I can boot from it. And the installation is getting easier though. Only a few questions appear during the installation.

  • Asking about keyboard layout
  • The language
  • The installation method, whether I will delete the entire partition or what. In my case just point to one partition.
  • The upgrade process, which is I don’t select to connect too earlier.
  • Then the area where I am now.

The installation only happen for about 20 minutes.

Now I already have the ubuntu. The first dialogue screen appear is asking about the Livepatch. Something new to me. It is asking about the update integration to ubuntu one. I already have the account though. I made the login. And that’s it.

Then first thing to do is checking does the ubuntu can play my movie xixixi. And it seems not. I read from linuxhint, I have to install the mp4 plugin.

Here is how

#sudo apt install ubuntu-restricted-extras

Oke wait for the next thing I discover to run my hobbies that require plugin in the next post.

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