Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebook

No. This is not a physical notebook. It is an environment program for programming Ruby, Haskel, Julia, and R. Hehehe I don’t know any of them. But I am learning about python3 now.

First of all we need python pip. The pip is like apt-get. I heard somewhere, apt-get will be vanished. Unfortunately with Ubuntu 20.04 I have now, remember the accident I did, a few post before? I don’t need to install python3 or python3-pip or python3-dev. They are all there.

Next, let’s check the update for the pip by pip.

#sudo -H pip3 install --upgrade pip

If the result is ….

Requirement already satisfied: pip in /usr/local/lib/python3.8/dist-packages (20.3.1)

It means we’re cool. The pip is the newest one.

Here is another one.

#sudo -H pip3 install virtualenv

This is for setting up the virtual environment we need for Jupyter. Ow, the -H flag means the installation will ensure to set the security policy to home environment variable.

Which is failed. It gave me error. So I installed it with apt-get.

#sudo apt-get install virtualenv

Then this command works. Now create directory for Jupyter environment. Let’s say my_project folder. Then go into it. And create virtualenv for the Jupyter. Let’s say it my_python.

blabla@mycomputer:~/virtualenv my_python

Here is the result.

So we are save. There will be another directory inside my_project which is my_python.

Activate the environment. Make sure you are in the my_project folder position.

#source my_python/bin/activate

If it looked like that, it worked. Now install the Jupyter. It is said from the source I learnt of, do not use pip3 even you have pip3. Use pip instead.

$pip install jupyter

We wait. Until all finished. Then…..

(my_project_env) sugi@sugi-nb:~/project_python$jupyter notebook

That’s the command to run the Jupyter. And it will open the browser showing the Home Page of the Jupyter.

Now, let’s have some fun.

Source : blueocean.com with some change in code I made to adjust to Ubuntu 20.04.

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