Change WordPress SuperAdmin Name

Change WordPress SuperAdmin Name

To change admin default username in wordpress is a little bit tricky. Especially when you already setup it and running the wordpress for a while.

But there is a way to do it. Here is how according to this source.

  • You need to access your database of the wordpress. So I am talking about hosting your wordpress domain, not a free account.
  • Use phpmyadmin or else that the hosting provider provide, to access the database.
  • Edit the wpxxx_users data and change the name of the ‘admin’ to ‘mynewuser’.
  • Edit the wpxxx_sitemeta and change the value of the site_admins row. It might look different but change the name admin to mynewuser, don’t forget to change the number in front of the admin name. Admin is 5 characters that is why the number is 5. If you use mynewuser, it means you use 9 characters. So change it to 9.

Login to your wordpress with mynewuser login name.

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