Apt-get Stuck at Waiting for Header

sources : https://askubuntu.com/questions/156650/apt-get-update-very-slow-stuck-at-waiting-for-headers

For the record I’m using ubuntu xenial or 16-04 LTS, inside Backbox OS.

Well, I don’t know when it started to begin poping up the message. But today when I did apt-get to install or just to update. The process went error. Stuck at Waiting for Header. For a moment, I thought something wrong with the kernel directory. But I was wrong.

So I browsed and find the link here. And I followed the instruction to clean up the cache of the apt-get. But it seems nothing change. Then final attempted, I tried to change the source of the repository from id.archives.ubuntu.com to archives.ubuntu.com only.

This one works.

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