problem connecting to internet in slackware because different host name

i use two system in my comp. Vista and Slackware. and using d-links router as my internet gateway through my isp. i put a computer name in vista as sugi-pc and using static ip in my router. with hope that i would be connected faster. but the problem came in my slackware. i put all […]

install ntfs-3g slackware 12.1

i got the information brom bayu blog wordpress firts u should download the package ntfs-3g from the site then install the package #installpkg ntfs-3g clik Y when prompting here is the step making the ntfs drive could be written by your linux #mkdir /mnt/{winc,wind} #ntfs-3g /dev/hdb0 /mnt/winc #ntfs-3g /dev/hdb1 /mnt/wind or #mount -t ntfs-3g […]

install nvidia mx4000 geforce4 driver to slackware 12.1

i got the nvidia driver package from for my nvidia geforce4 mx4000. i think nvidia gave me the same driver from several graphic models. the package called From the other site i got the info that run type file is a original group of file that still need to compile on linux. So […]