gsm and cdma dial up numbers

source : Someday we’re going to need this setting in our wvdial.conf or any wireless linux setting. 1. Telkomsel Flash – Halo/Simpati/As (Waktu) Dial Up Number : *99***1# User Name : Password : Access Point : FLASH Extra Setting : at+cgdcont=1,”IP”,”flash” 2. Telkomsel GPRS – Halo/Simpati/As (Data) Dial Up Number : *99***1# User Name […]

open office 3.3 – deleting recovery file without re-install openoffice

Sometime there’s a recovery option that really bugging us and never stop asking when opening open office. The fact is the recovery file is already damaged and cant be restored. But we can’t just cancel the recovery because somehow open office reject it. So we need to delete the recovery file record. This is how […]