huawei e220 in android tablet acer iconia a500

My sister bought tablet android acer iconia a500 a few months ago. And she had a difficulty using a huawei e220 in her tablet. So we were looking for a guidance in the net and found one in So I helped her and followed all the instruction in Except for disabling zerocd that […]


Not just ubuntu who has an easy install program using apt-get command. Slackware has one too. First edit /etc/slackpkg/mirrors Uncomment one of the closest server from you under the slackware version you use. Mine is Indonesia but the server is not active. So I m using Australian. Do #slackpkg update for updating the repository. Next […]

mysql command

using mysql from console $mysql -u myuser -pmypassword show database mysql>show databases; connect to database mysql>use mydatabase; show tables inside the database mysql>show tables; show what inside the table mysql>select*from tablenamesatu search the data inside the table mysql>select*from tablenamesatu where columndata=’data’; mysql>select*from tablenamesatu where columndata mycolumns like ‘data%’; insert data mysql>insert into tablenamesatu (column1,column2,..) values(‘data’,’data’,’…’); […]