Removing Zeitgeist Daemon from Ubuntu 12.04

Zeitgeist is a service that control the user log. From Wikipedia: Zeitgeist is a service which logs the users’s activities and events, anywhere from files opened to websites visited and conversations. It makes this information readily available for other applications to use in form of timelines and statistics. It is able to establish relationships between […]

Manage Bandwidth With Squid

source : Contoh 1 Misalkan dalam network kita perlu untuk memberikan pembatasan-pembatasan bandwidth dikarenakan sumber internet terbatas dan group network lebih dari satu, disusun berdasarkan prioritas. admin, server dengan bandwidth unlimited staff dengan bandwidth 1,5 kbytes/sec, bila file yang diakses melebihi 64Kbte umum dengan bandwidth 1 kbytes/sec, bila file yang diakses melebihi 32 Kbyte […]

Bash Script to Execute Mysql Command

Here is my bash script to execute msyql command !/bin/bash tglblk=$(date –date=”8 days ago” +%Y-%m-%d) tglhapus=”$tglblk 23:00:00″ SQL=”DELETE FROM Events WHERE EndTime<=’$tglhapus’;” MYSQL_USER=”root” MYSQL_PASS=”” MYSQL_DB=”mydb” echo $SQL | mysql –user=$MYSQL_USER –password=$MYSQL_PASS $MYSQL_DB Then I put it into crontab to run at specific time.

using scanner from network

Source : Dengan menggunakan OS Slackwarekita bisa mengakses scanner yang terhubung pada komputer lain, atau katakanlah terhubung di CPU server. Di  server Buat service untuk sane-port tersedia di PC yang langsung terhubung dengan device scanner itu (yang terinstall sane-backend). Caranya edit file “/etc/services”, tambahkan baris… sane-port 6566/tcp #SANE Network Scanner Daemon Masukkan juga layanan streaming […]

virtualbox shared folder – another way mounting shared folder using samba

my host is slackware. the virtual machine is windows xp. I am going to add the folder in my slackware into the windows using samba in the slackware. first setting the samba in the slackware. I think I have another post about samba in this blog. Then in the virtualbox, set the network setting into […]

CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor cool down my Slackware notebook

For years I wonder why my cpu is hotter when using linux. Cooler when using windows. Tonight, accidentally I learn about cpu frequency. The hot comes from the hard work of the cpu. So if the system can lower it, it will cooler. Check on which frequency the cpu is  working by command : cpufreq-info […]