Ubuntu with Englightment

Source : https://www.enlightenment.org/distros/ubuntu-start Ah what an amazing display. I find the englightment is very light so I try to install it to my notebook. Here are the steps I read from the source. sudo apt-get install automake autopoint build-essential ccache check \ doxygen faenza-icon-theme git imagemagick libasound2-dev libblkid-dev \ libbluetooth-dev libbullet-dev libcogl-dev libfontconfig1-dev \ libfreetype6-dev libfribidi-dev […]

Removing Zeitgeist Daemon from Ubuntu 12.04

Zeitgeist is a service that control the user log. From Wikipedia: Zeitgeist is a service which logs the users’s activities and events, anywhere from files opened to websites visited and conversations. It makes this information readily available for other applications to use in form of timelines and statistics. It is able to establish relationships between […]

Ubuntu 14.04 with Grasehotspot 3.8 error because p2p1 network card name

Menginstal grasehotspot yang merupakan software berbasis web untuk mengatur lalu lintas user internet berupa hotspot merupakan tantangan sendiri di Ubuntu 14.04. Dengan cpu dan motherboard keluaran terbaru. Seperti beberapa hari ini saya mencobanya di I5 + 8Gb DDr3 + motherboard (gigabyte mungkin) cukup memberikan pelajaran yang sangat bernilai. Pertama, ubuntu 14.04 ternyata memberikan penamaan lan […]

wireshark ubuntu

source : https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2039978 this is how to install wireshark : sudo apt-get install libcap2-bin wireshark sudo chgrp myusername /usr/bin/dumpcap sudo chmod 750 /usr/bin/dumpcap sudo setcap cap_net_raw,cap_net_admin+eip /usr/bin/dumpcap http://askubuntu.com/questions/74059/how-do-i-run-wireshark-with-root-privileges this command add extra functionality to run wireshark in user mode, don’t have to change to root desktop sudo dpkg-reconfigure wireshark-common

firefox (in ubuntu) libavcodec error

The error I meant is the message displayed at the top of the firefox, said libavcodec is vulnerable and expired (for some reason). After googling and find the article in http://askubuntu.com/questions/851190/how-to-update-libavcodec-on-ubuntu-14-04, the problem is libavcodec is disabled as default. Libavcodec is needed to play the streaming in the website. Except for youtube. I still can […]

virtualbox shared folder – another way mounting shared folder using samba

my host is slackware. the virtual machine is windows xp. I am going to add the folder in my slackware into the windows using samba in the slackware. first setting the samba in the slackware. I think I have another post about samba in this blog. Then in the virtualbox, set the network setting into […]

installing zoneminder 1.29 in ubuntu 14.04 server x86_64

first step https://wiki.zoneminder.com/Ubuntu_Server_14.04_64-bit_with_Zoneminder_1.29.0_the_easy_way second, moving the recording partition https://wiki.zoneminder.com/Using_a_dedicated_Hard_Drive third see how the ip camera setting with zoneminder fourth, set the filter for automatic deletion http://zoneminder.readthedocs.org/en/latest/faq.html fifth, set the timer when to record and stop using crontab