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WICD Network Manager

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I use this function after reading in  many forums, it works for connecting  my slackware since version 14.0 to rtl8187 notebook. I don’t do any change to its setting.

But now, in my slackware 14.2 with different notebook, it is not working. I have to change the setting in  Preference – Advance Setting – change the driver of wpa supplicant from wext to nl80211.

Then the wifi signal is detected and I can connect to it.

slackware 14.0 use wifi with wicd

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The first time in my slackware experience, this is the first time I succeeded using wifi configuration. I always tried to use wpa_supplicant, which is I failed. I don’t understand how to manage the setting, and also by manual iwconfig command. I success using iwconfig when the wifi is not secured or open. No wpa or wpa2 encryption key. But that’s not what I want. I need some secure key.

Finally tonight I read again the manual in doc.slackware.org about this and find something about how difficult the wpa or iwconfig setting for newbie like me. The one thing is easy is using wicd.

wicd is an extra command need to be downloaded. So I downloaded for my slackware 14.0 which is version. I install it using installpkg. And run the command in console or F2 command executor.

The command to run it is wicd-client, and run it as a normal user.

Wait a moment, wait until it pops up a dialog box asking the root user (which is necessary to handle the wlan0 interface) then the wicd network manager appears.

Click on the properties button to fill the wpa2 and click connect. That’s it.