attansic l2 lancard onboard

u should have l2 driver download from somewhere. i forgot. but u could ask me for it.. email me to the file is L2-linuxdriver-new.rar many forum said that linux have some trouble using attansic l2 atheros chipset. but there’s a way. heres’ the step in slackware #tar #make copy the result to /lib/modules/’uname -r’/kernel/drivers/net/ […]

install inkscape 0.46

thanks to my friend in especially for website. it really solved my problem for compiling the inkscape. here are the list of dependencies that i need to install inkscape in slackware 12.1. boost-1.36.0-i686-1as.tgz enchant-1.4.2.fc10.i386.tgz glibmm-2.14.2-i686-2as.tgz gtkmm-2.12.7-i686.1as.tgz gtkspell-2.0.14-i486-1sl.tgz libsigc++-2.0.18-i686-1as.tgz loudmouth-1.4.2-4861sl.tgz i think it will be no much different with ubuntu

mac os x keyboard shortcut

copied from Keyboard Control The inside cover of Mac OS X Power Tools contains a list of selected keyboard shorcuts in OS X. Below is a more complete list, divided into sections based on where they are applicable. For mouse/keyboard actions, check out the “Modified Mousing” link to the left. (Letter keys are printed […]